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Sunday Adult Forum Schedule
10 a.m. (in the Refectory unless noted)

Sunday, September 14 –
Poetry Out Loud

After the positive response to reading Dante’s Inferno a new group has emerged. Join Kathy Farrington, Sherry Bloom, Catherine Davidson and other members of the newly formed poetry group to learn more about the group and hear several poems with an autumn or harvest theme.

Sunday, September 21 –
For All the Saints: An Introduction to Calvary’s Three Reredoses

Join Phil Maye, chair of the Architectural History Committee, for a brief history of reredoses and an illustrated guide to the art and history of the three beautiful ones in our church: the Main Altar (1907) and the All Saints’ Chapel (c.1919), both with our Lord and rows of saints and archangels, and the Lady Chapel (1912) with anonymous angels.

Sunday, September 28 and Sunday, October 5 –
The History and Theology of Marriage

These two presentations will provide an historical overview of the development of understanding of human sexuality and its use in the marriage relationship which has not always been identical with our current valuation. Both session will provide useful information on the topic and may be approached separately as well as jointly. The Rev. John Fetterman, our theologian in Residence, will be the presenter.
September 28
From the garden in Genesis to the court of Henry VIII. A grand adventure in managing necessity, regulating usage, and assigning value to the outcome. The misunderstood Eve gave women a bad reputation and it took centuries to
get that straightened out.
October 5
As late as the 16th century, the use of sexuality, even in legitimate marriage, was suspect of being sinful because it provided too much pleasure and this was deemed as a deterrent to adequately thinking of God and spiritual matters. A tipping point kind of change came in 1932 when the Lambeth Conference speaking for the Anglican Communion said that birth control was morally acceptable, without the intent of procreation. By the mid-20th century, homosexuals began to assert that their lifelong commitments met the modern definition of marriage and began to lobby for equal rights from both the church and the state.

Sunday, October 12 – Faithful in Our Own Time

Join Mary Lou Southwood as she shares thoughts on the discernment process for stewardship and our treasure. Let’s talk about why this discernment is so hard (or maybe so easy) for each of us to decide how to share our “stuff.”

Sunday, October 19 – The Ministry of Healing
The Rev. Carol Henley will be the moderator of a panel of Calvary members that work or volunteer in the medical field.  Hear their perspectives on healing as we honor St. Luke and his ministry.

Sunday, October 26 – Singing the Lord’s Song, part 1
Alan Lewis talks about the role of song in our worship, and leads us in some examples, familiar and less-so.

Sunday, November 2 – The First-Century Labor and Delivery of Twin Religions, Judaism and Christianity

Mitchell James Kaplan, author of the award winning novel, “By Fire, By Water,” will speak about some of the astonishing things he learned while researching his second (not-yet-published) book, tentatively titled “The Gleaning,” which deals with the origins of Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism.

Sunday. November 9 – Violence in the Old Testament and Beyond
The genocidal passages in the Old Testament are terrifying and have been used to “justify” violence for many generations forward. Christians, individually and collectively, have been both perpetrators and victims. The forgiveness, preached and exemplified by Jesus, is a revolutionary idea. Our presenter will be the Reverend John Fetterman, our theologian in residence.

Sunday, November 16 – Violence in History
There is violence in most creation narratives; violence in founding most civil societies; violence for the sake of punishment and good order; and an epidemic of violence in the USA.  There will be a brief presentation followed by open discussion. Our presenter will be the Reverend John Fetterman, our theologian in residence.

Sunday, November 23 – Singing the Lord’s Song, part 2
The Psalms frequently encourage us to “Sing to the Lord a new song.” Why? And how can we do that most effectively. Alan Lewis leads a conversation with sung examples for all.

Sunday, November 30 – Pilgrimage

The Rev. Carol Henley will share reflections and pictures from her October 2013 pilgrimage in England and Scotland with a group led by the Rev. Herbert O’Driscoll, well known scholar and authority on Celtic Spirituality

Sunday, December 7 – “My pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela"

T.J. Freeman, our Curate, will share pictures and stories from his time on the Camino de Santiago, reflect on the nature of pilgrimage as a Christian discipline and prayer practice, and facilitate a discussion on how to live the pilgrim's way in our modern context.

Sunday, December 14 – Spiritual Development
The goal is intimacy with God and not perfection (an impossibility). This presentation will review some of the classical approaches to achieving this goal by learning how to use both sin and grace to bring us closer to God. Join the Reverend John Fetterman for this discussion.

Sunday, December 21

No Adult Education or Children’s Sunday School
Christmas Pageant in 11 o'clock service

Sunday, December 28

No Adult Education or Children’s Sunday School

NOTE: Christian Education programs at Calvary are designed to reflect the interests and concerns of the parish. From time to time, changes may be made in response to emerging topics or needs. Watch the bulletin and Agape for current information.

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