Calvary Episcopal Church

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Adult Forum Topics

Sunday Adult Forum Schedule
10 a.m. (in the Refectory unless noted)

Sunday, November 30 – Pilgrimage
The Rev. Carol Henley will share reflections and pictures from her October 2013 pilgrimage in England and Scotland with a group led by the Rev. Herbert O’Driscoll, well known scholar and authority on Celtic Spirituality

Sunday, December 7 – “My pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela"

T.J. Freeman, our Curate, will share pictures and stories from his time on the Camino de Santiago, reflect on the nature of pilgrimage as a Christian discipline and prayer practice, and facilitate a discussion on how to live the pilgrim's way in our modern context.

Sunday, December 14 – Spiritual Development
The goal is intimacy with God and not perfection (an impossibility). This presentation will review some of the classical approaches to achieving this goal by learning how to use both sin and grace to bring us closer to God. Join the Reverend John Fetterman for this discussion.

Sunday, December 21

No Adult Education or Children’s Sunday School
Christmas Pageant in 11 o'clock service

Sunday, December 28

No Adult Education or Children’s Sunday School

Sunday, January 4 - And the Word was made Flesh
Any word is an external manifestation of the mind and heart of the speaker. The internal spirit takes on external form in a word. We get to know the mind and heart of God by studying the life and witness of Jesus, the Christ. These reflections will show how God in Christ values our humanity by taking it on completely. We will study Christ’s humanity to learn more about God’s vision for our humanity. The presenter will be our theologian in residence, John Fetterman.

Sunday, January 11 - Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute 50th Anniversary
Learn about the history of PPI and its relationship to Calvary. Find out what this organization is doing now and their plans for the future. Michelle Snyder, the executive director of PPI, will be the presenter and Calvary board members, Kate Burroughs, Gary Abbs, Matt Muldoon and Chip Reynolds will add to the conversation.

Sunday, January 18 - Many, Many Manifestations
The  celebration of the Epiphany is but one of the many manifestations of God to the creation. The story of the Magi presenting gifts hold in it much tenderness and sweetness, but the real significance is much greater than this story. Since the very beginning, in the creation, God has wanted to be known by the people he has called into existence. Our theologian in residence, John Fetterman, will be the presenter.

Sunday, January 25 - St. Michael’s Society: “The Heart of Calvary’s Future”

Please join our Rector, Jonathon Jensen, Hilary Brown, from the Pittsburgh Foundation, and Deborah Kelly, Head of Calvary’s Planned Giving Program, to learn about the exciting progress we’ve made and opportunities for your legacy and Calvary’s future.

NOTE: Christian Education programs at Calvary are designed to reflect the interests and concerns of the parish. From time to time, changes may be made in response to emerging topics or needs. Watch the bulletin and Agape for current information.

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