Calvary Episcopal Church

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Adult Forum Topics

10 a.m., in the Refectory, unless noted.

Sunday, April 20, Easter Day
No Adult Forum

Sunday, April 27
Practice Resurrection
 Our theologian in residence, the Reverend John Fetterman, will offer reflections on how we can make present to ourselves the great power and mystery of this new life in Christ. Three sources will be used: selected texts from the New Testament, questions and directed thoughts based on Eugene Peterson’s book Practice Resurrection, and a thoughtful reading of a short poem by Wendel Berry with the same title as Peterson’s work. Eugene Peterson is the Presbyterian minister who has made the beautiful paraphrase of the New Testament called The Message. Presented by The Rev. John Fetterman.

Sunday, May 4, Marathon Sunday
No Adult Forum

Sunday, May 11
To Be Announced.

Sunday, May 18, Annual Meeting
No Adult Forum

Sunday, May 25, Memorial Day weekend
No Adult Forum

NOTE: Christian Education programs at Calvary are designed to reflect the interests and concerns of the parish. From time to time, changes may be made in response to emerging topics or needs. Watch the bulletin and Agape for current information.

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