Computer hard-drive destruction and shredding on site
Prevent Identity Theft: Onsite Hard Drive & Cell Phone Destruction $10 each
While you watch! All data is wiped or destroyed

The following computer components will be accepted for FREE at this event:
Desktop, laptops, hard drives, flat screen monitors, cell phones,
keyboards, mice, printers, circuit boards, cables & wiring, modems, phone systems,
routers, switches, phones, ink, toner, AC adapters, typewriters

Look for a green container to drop off your alkaline batteries for FREE.

The following items will be accepted for a $10 DISPOSAL FEE per unit:
Audio/video equipment, VCRs, DVD players, wooden speakers,
sweepers, hair dryers, toasters, blenders, coffee makers,
microwaves and other consumer electronics

The following items will NOT BE ACCEPTED:
Televisions or CRT (old tube style) monitors, Universal Waste,
large appliances, smoke detectors, light bulbs, large freon containing appliances