Leslie Reimer

November 11, 2018: The Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost

On Sunday, November 17, 1918, Calvary hosted “A Service of Thanksgiving for the Victory of the Allied Arms.” It was a celebration filled with music. Today, we will use some of the music from 100 years ago during our 11 o’clock service, and after the service, we will rededicate the beautiful stone cross located on the front lawn in front of the parish hall.

The cross is a memorial to those who served in the First World War. It was first dedicated on June 1, 1924 by the Rector of the time, Edwin van Etten. It bears the words, “To the Glory of God and in Honor of all those from Calvary Parish who served in the Great War 1914–1918.” Plaques on the four sides of the base of the cross list the names of the 226 people from Calvary Church who served.

We will have a proclamation from the Pittsburgh City Council read and the colors (flags) presented as part of the brief service.